The First Community of impact-driven entrepreneurs solving the world biggest problems.

Our Mission

We are looking to help each other to achieve impact at scale.
Collaboration has proven to be transformational at many levels and in many industries.

Results-focused Networking

We run regular events where you will meet the people and organisations that will help you succeed. Meet Investors, Experts & Connectors who help you bring your startup to the next level.

Closed Online Community

Regular exclusive content on impact-driven entrepreneurship and a community of helping hands. Whether you are looking for new team members or advice: This is the right place.

Speaker Series

Meet some of London’s most impactful founders and learn from their experiences in solving big problems at scale.

Yearly Retreat

Once a year we take 10-20 selected members to a hidden place in Europe to learn, exchange & strategise. This is the magical moment where true connections and friendships are built.

What’s the Benefit?

From our conversations with prospect members and founders we have realised that there are areas of interests and needs that are common to all, even if at different stages. The main three include: Funding, Partnerships/Clients, and Talent.

Founder members are by Invitation only, and there is no annual membership fee. If you want to be one, please apply online via our website at



60+ Entrepreneur Members

Many founders have already joined us & we’re growing.

90+ Supporters

Beyond our Entrepreneur Members, we have more than 90 supporters from VC Funds, Accelerators & service providers who are ready to help you!

We really look forward to you joining and to seeing you soon.

If you have any questions, please call us or contact us via your prefect method.

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