3 tips to improve your business attitude

Care about improving your business? Maybe improving your attitude will help. Here are some of many ideas we want to share with you …

1. Listen: be in the moment, pay attention and connect


  • To exquisitely listen. You become a little more aware, and present, in giving people the time and space they need to convey their ideas. People feel heard, this is a gift, which helps with validation and gives time to add value too.


  • Your colleagues need attention for evolving. Every day at work, we have chances to listen, to concentrate on one person at a time and make them feel fully listened to. Why do you have to do that? You will discover more when we truly listen more.


  • Create an emotional reality. Your curiosity has a positive impact, for recognizing “attention” allows to understand to every line, gesture and facial expression is an “offer.”  So the magic exists between the actors and not with any single one of them.


2. Create & discover: be spontaneous and collaborate

  • More spontaneity at work. This can lead to more effective collaboration, exploration, and discovery.


  • Prepare less and trust more. Stop over-preparing and trust that your brain and your heart will deliver for you if they have the space to do so.


  • Create the “white space” for you and your team to connect and discover. When you allow for more curiosity and spontaneity, you’re being more authentic.


3. Generosity: give to receive


  • Be focus on “making our partners look good.” Helping each other is about making choices that help your partner succeed.


  • Everyone must be focused on making each other successful. Your team will be effective, across more creativity, innovation, important potential of them.


  • Create trust with your partners. It will be transformational, because it can unleash collaboration, creation, and discovery in those unplanned, unprepared white spaces.


We really look forward to you joining and to seeing you soon.

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