3 tips to make your passion your profession

What’s the benefit of working with passion?

Passion creates an irresistible strength. It has an anesthetizing effect that can make you forget your own limits, mental and physical. Consequently, it allows you to go farther, in order to feed this thirst for giving and achieving.

So here are just a few ideas on how you can make the most of your passion, and ideally make it what you do every day of your life.


1) Work Smarter, Not Harder


  • Prioritise

Think about the ONE thing that you need to achieve, on the day, the week, the month, the year, your life. You can then group and break down in smaller tasks accordingly.


  • Diarise

To-do lists do not work ! You need to book your activities and assign a time limit and a deadline to everything you do.


  • Flexibility

You will be more productive if you schedule your work when you need it. But things do not always go according to plan, so you need to have the flexibility to adapt and rebook respectively. Frustration won’t get the job done any quicker.


  • First things first

Do what you find hardest first (or delegate if possible). Delaying it will only make things harder and delay delivering everything else.


  • 20/80

Focus on doing the 20% that will help you achieve the 80% first.


  • Balance

Using the above, remember to to do all of the things you enjoy in life. It will simply drive you to be better when you need to get things done.


2)  Passion & Work fusion


  • Find your own Niche

Everyone is passionate about something, you just need to find it. You can then generate a model, with the right support. It is very likely that your passion can become a business and generate revenue via product sales, courses, freelance work, and more.


  • Merge Passion and Work

Your passions will carry over into your work. Hobbies allow you to reduce stress levels, improve creativity and boost your health. It allows you to be your best version of yourself.


  • The Beginning of Everything

A “traditional job” can be a first step to generate initial funds and experience to finance and drive your passion or business on the side. Once you have tested and proven your model, you can take the leap …


 3) Trust your Instinct



  • Do It for the Love of it

The most important thing is to do something you love. It is about who you are. This is the WHY you are doing what you do.


  • Obsession is the Key

Start thinking about it consciously, and make your plans and strategies to proceed with passion. Wake up, live and go to sleep thinking about it, and the answers to your questions will be answer quicker than you think.


  • Progression over perfection

Aim to make consistent progression over obsessive perfection. The sum of your actions will compound and deliver what you desire much faster.