Free Book: Life Transformation





“Life Transformation” is dedicated to every person in this beautiful universe looking for a simple, practical and effective way to make a difference in their lives and – if desired – to transform it completely in order to achieve their full potential and dreams.

  • “Life Transformation” is, in simple terms, a guide to “Happiness & Success”. In more detail, it is a “Life Model” with Building Blocks and Pillars that can help you manage the change you want in any specific part of your life, or can indeed help you “Transform your whole life”, and maintain it that way!
  • The book is the brainchild of the author and it was initially written only to include his thoughts, reflections and experiences lived by JP over his life to date, which subsequently translated into the life model he adopted and now teaches to others.
  • The approach used by the author is one of theoretical foundation – based on studies and experts on the various subjects, combined with practical tools and examples, in order to make it easier for readers to understand how to apply them and make an immediate impact in their lives.
  • All this is with the intention to help them change the ultimate key to creating massive and consistent change: HABITS! “Live to Inspire, Inspired to live”- JP TI EL LIBRO – “LIFE