36: Shazia Mustafa of Third Door – Coworking and Nursery

Third Door is a coworking and nursery, bringing together a collaborative community of working parents and passionate childcare professionals, who believe that work and family can grow together.
Shazia Mustafa is passionate about growing Third Door to help working parents create a family and work-life balance and where parents can work both on their careers without any guilt and be there for their children.
The rise of flexible nursery and coworking
How is Third Door different from other spaces?
Growing a community of working parents
Benefits of working next to children
Being in a safe space for mums and dads
Useful links:
Third Door – https://www.third-door.com/
Shazia Mustafa’s Linkedin – https://www.linkedin.com/in/shaziamustafa/
[1:00] Solving a personal problem that lead to Third Door
[4:30] How does Third Door works?
[7:00] The Third Door community
[10:00] Growing the coworking and child care services
[14:00] Growing a business and making a difference to parents
[15:00] Biggest challenge to creating Third Door
[20:00] What is your 10 year vision?