37: Sasha Yakovlev of OneSoil – AI platform for precision farming

Sasha Yakovlev is a cofounder of OneSoil which is developing applications and an online platform for precision farming that are based on satellite imagery and machine learning technologies.
AI and Machine Learning applied to farming data
Creating tools for farmers
Why it is important to solve the soil agriculture problem
Vision of connecting all agriculture knowledge
Creating a transparent global food supply chain
Precision farming to educate farmers on how to start
Useful links:
OneSoil – https://onesoil.ai/en/
Sasha Yakovlev Linkedin – https://www.linkedin.com/in/alexyakovlev/
[00:53] What brought Sasha a cofounder of a farming technology platform
[02:39] What is the problem OneSoil is solving
[05:23] Combining as many sources of data for farmers
[08:21] How a typical customer uses their data
[09:42] Producing food and reducing environmental impact
[12:45] Data for farmers and the challenge of scaling
[15:55] Onboarding of customers
[16:07] Vision of OneSoil