40: May Al-Karooni of Globechain – Reducing Waste With A Reuse Marketplace

May Al-Karooni is the Founder & CEO of Globechain, a reuse marketplace for companies to list unneeded items. All items are free to collect.
Seeing furniture go to landfill
Businesses have to make money from day one
Big volumes of construction material and obsolete stock
Behaviour change and audit of items
Social and environmental impact data vs waste date
Different interest from SMEs, corporates and charities
How May started from a single founder into getting into different locations
Reuse and being part of the circular economy
Putting your personality into your business
Useful links:
Globechain – https://www.globechain.com/
May Al-Karooni’s Linkedin – https://www.linkedin.com/in/may-al-karooni-25b4407/
Time Stamp:
[01:00] Moving office when still working in banking
[02:50] Business model of Globechain
[04:30] Customer journey on Globechain
[05:00] ESG impact data vs waste data
[06:30] Why SMEs are commercially driven
[07:00] Connecting big corporates and charities
[09:00] Picking up corporate clients for a global retailer
[10:00] Moving from a founder to raising a Series A
[13:00] Why year 2 was the hardest year
[15:00] Ikea and the rental business model
[17:30] Founders addressing unsexy industries
[19:10] Vision of Globechain
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