49: Michael Collinson of Bee Vector Technologies – Nature’s Solution To Healthy Crops

Michael Collinson is the Chairman of Bee Vector Technologies (BVT) a complete pest and disease management solutions to help growers improve their crop quality.
Bee colony collapse is caused by multiple issues and mortality rates are not sustainable
“Employing” Bumble Bees and Honey Bees to deliver an organic solution for plants
Discovering a fungus that acts as the penicillin for plants
Going through the EPA registration process because that is where the value lies
Benefits of their solution vs other pesticides
How BVT works with farmers to test the product
Future of agriculture
BVT grown products in 10 years
Time stamp:
[02:05] How big is the problem of bee colony collapse?
[03:10] How BVT works with bees?
[05:45] How was the solution discovered?
[06:30] Where you are on your journey
[10:00] Biggest concern from farmers
[12:00] Why use bumble bees?
[13:00] BVT’s business model
[15:00] Future of farming
[16:40] Regulatory process and working with growers
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BVT website – http://www.beevt.com/
Michael Collinson’s Linkedin- https://uk.linkedin.com/in/michael-collinson-24b75714
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