5 Steps To Getting A Career At A Mission Driven Company

Millennials are getting a terrible reputation in work spaces and it’s because we are being misunderstood.

The 9-5 job of pushing papers doesn’t cut it for us and CEO’s in their fifties and sixties are seeing this as a sign of laziness when in fact it’s the complete opposite.

We’re not lazy. We don’t want to waste our lives.

We strive for purpose. We think about a way to make an impact. We put effort into finding our passions and turning them into our dream careers.

As a generation we have woken up to the realization that we have one life to live and that if we follow the rules that past generations have we’re at risk of not living to our full potential.

That 9-5 might offer us a great 401k but if all we do is shift papers from one shelf to another in forty years all we will have accomplished would be shifting papers from one shelf to the other (or being the person in charge of those shifting the papers).

We crave more than that. Our desire is set on purpose and passion, on making a difference and leaving a legacy behind in someway.

Luckily for us, mission driven companies are on the move. We have never seen companies taking such epic actions as they are now. Space X is practicing launching rockets that will take humans to Mars, Google is on a mission to create flying cars and there’s even rumors of one day having an endless stream of Wifi ANYWHERE we go.

So how do we jump on this bandwagon? How do we get ourselves into these companies and help them to create epic impact?

1. Find out what your mission is. What do you see happening in the news that sparks your curiosity? Is it the transition to clean energy sources? Are you wondering how we are REALLY planning on getting to Mars? Do you want to put clean water in the hands of those who don’t have access to it? Take a look at your life priorities and what resonates with you as your purpose. If you have trouble, take a look at news websites and start exploring their articles for fifteen minutes. See what articles attracted you and then start to figure out what companies have a similar mission.

2. Do free work. Yes, you heard me. What do these mission driven companies look for in their employees? Driven people on a mission. If you don’t have an epic resume that will land you the job, offer to do a free project (it doesn’t have to be hugely time consuming) for a similar company. Not only will you be able to practice and fine tune your skills but your resume will go up ten fold. You will be able to prove your worth in interviews and be a candidate that can not only talk the talk but also walk the walk.

3. Connect with like minded individuals. Social media may have a bad rap but if you use it as a networking tool it can change your entire career. Who do you trust more, strangers or your friends? It’s a silly question, right? There’s a reason that the phrase “word of mouth” has been coined and used millions of times-because people want to help their friends. Using social networks like LinkedIN, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. to interact with peers in your industry can get you ten steps ahead of somebody who walks into an interview and doesn’t know anybody in that company.

4. Create your presence. For different jobs this is going to mean different things but you want to take the first step in becoming a known asset of your industry. Creating a website, blog, or any platform with your past projects and success rates, expertise and personality can make you “Google-able”. In turn this will make you look more seasoned than you actually are. Use your presence to accelerate your way into the companies that you want to work for without having to start at the bottom of their food chain.

5. Become a master of your craft. Mission driven companies are going to be on the look for the best of the best, which means you are competing against the best of the best. Listen to podcasts, read articles and stay on top of industry trends. Prepare as if one day you are accidentally going to bump into Elon Musk (or the top dog within your niche) at a work conference and are going to impress him with you knowledge. The internet has given us an endless supply of FREE schooling. Use it as your tool to get ahead and make yourself that much more of an asset to the company you wish employed you.

Every single person craves a purpose. That is why as humans we are driven to have children, to volunteer our time and energy after tragedy strikes and to cure diseases.

For millennials, it seems that this feeling of purpose has tripled. We don’t just want to have a purpose, we need it. We don’t want to walk out of work in thirty years and have nothing to attribute our efforts to. We want to point to something creating positive impact and say, “I helped create that.”

“The people who change the world are the ones crazy enough to think that they can.” Are you crazy enough to get to work and pursue your dream job at the company that aligns with your values and priorities? If you are, then I’m happy to tell you that you happen to be exactly who they are looking to hire.