50: Nick Taylor of Unmind – Workplace Mental Wellbeing Done Well

Dr Nick Taylor is CEO and Co-founder of Unmind, a workplace mental health platform to help organisations and employees measurably improve their mental wellbeing.
Why mental health matters to Nick Taylor
What motivated Nick to become a founder
3 learnings from working at the frontline of mental health service
Leading an NHS team and the moment of realisation that organisations needed to better look after their people
John Lewis partnership and William Hill
The Unmind mental health index
Features and content on the Unmind platform
9 out of 10 employees won’t share their mental health problems with the employer
How to breakdown the stigma around mental health
Benefits for the organisation of measuring mindfulness
“Going forward, people will only choose to work in organisations that do care.”
Time stamp:
[01:30] Nick’s personal experience with mental health
[03:00] Working at the NHS
[05:20] Prevention in mental health
[06:00] Working with organisations vs consumer mindfulness
[07:30] How the Unmind platform works
[10:00] Building trust with employees
[12:00] Celebrating mental health and breaking stigma
[14:00] Why employers should pay to support mental health of employees
[17:00] Hardest challenge in Nick’s journey
[18:40] Early investors of Unmind
[20:00] Growing a passionate team
[22:00] Nick Taylor’s vision of the future
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Unmind Website (https://home.unmind.com/)
Nick Taylor’s Linkedin (https://uk.linkedin.com/in/dr-nick-taylor)
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