51: Dan Grech of OTEC Global Resources – Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion

Dan Grech is the CEO and Co-founder is Global OTEC Resources. He is working to reduce tropical islands reliance on fossil fuels in areas that are suitable for Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC).
Dan’s journey from watching David Attenborough to researching desalination
Prototyping OTEC, to pitching for pro-bono work and working at the Maldives
Benefits of having a sales background
Why building OTEC for a resort make sense
What is OTEC?
Moving islands away from diesel and the OTEC market
Grant funding for sustainable projects
Time stamp:
[01:44] The Attenborough effect
[06:00] Meeting a technical co-founder
[08:00] Skype calling experts
[11:50] History of OTEC
[14:00] OTEC 101
[16:30] Core markets for OTEC is 30 terawatts
[19:45] Moving from 100kW to 1.5mW
[22:10] Biggest learnings
[25:00] Vision of Dan
Useful link:
Dan Grech’s Linkedin (https://uk.linkedin.com/in/dangrechuk)
Dan Grech’s Twitter (https://twitter.com/dangrech)
OTEC Resorts Twitter (https://twitter.com/otecresorts)
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