53: Nick Doman & Will Pearson of Ocean Bottle – Solving The Ocean Plastics Problem

Nick Doman and Will Pearson are the founders of Ocean Bottles, a tool for individuals to fund collection of ocean plastic bottles. Their product is a part stainless steel and part ocean-bound recycled plastic.
Collecting ocean bound plastic bottles are just as effective.
22 million kg of plastic goes into ocean each day
Creating an IBM blockchain platform of network of plastic collection network
Ocean Bottle has a NFC chip to offer retailers new way to interact with consumers
Getting support in the product design phase and other partnerships
Getting into Catapult accelerator programme
Time Stamp:
[01:00] How Ocean Bottles work
[03:22] No bullshit sustainability
[05:00] Working with Plastic Bank
[07:45] Plastic collectors with Plastic Bank
[10:38] B2B side of Ocean Bottles
[13:00] Product design background
[14:00] Creating a physical product
[17:20] Partnerships
[19:00] Working as a team and getting coaching
[20:50] Vision in 10 years
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