54: Nicolas Loufrani Of Smiley Movement – Tackling The Big Issues In Society

Nicolas Loufrani is the founder of the Smiley Movement, a non-profit social network dedicated to positive change. 
History of Smiley
Smiley name and the Smiley brand
Rise of emoticons and usage of Siley for communication
Growing the Smiley brand and design studio – its a small Disney
Smiley Fund to develop social projects to create social and environmental impact
How we engage the public similar to happy news when dad first created the Smiley
Matchmaking for good app and Smiley Awards
Alexander Mars and the Epic movement
Time stamp:
[03:00] Promotion to bring smiles to people’s faces
[05:30] Coming up with the name
[08:00] Smiley started
[12:00] How Smiley works with other brand
[15:00] Smiley Fund
[18:30] Engaging the in happy news
[22:40] Smiley Awards
[24:20] How to sustain the activities
[26:40] Recommendation to support social impact
[29:00] Vision in 10 years
Useful links:
Smiley.com (https://smiley.com/)
Smileymovement.org (https://smileymovement.org/)
Epic Movement (https://epic.foundation/)
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