56: Graeme Risby of Hiyacar – Local car hire from trusted owners

Hiyacar is an app to hire local cars from trusted owners. Graeme Risby is the CEO and Co-founder of Hiyacar.
How to turn a car into an asset
More utilisation, less emmisions, more space and more electric cars
There are 30 million cars in the UK
Really listening and understanding to drivers and car owners
Doing good for members, teams, investor
People always want to have less and share more
Time Stamp:
[04:30] Reducing car ownership
[07:00] Tech business with lots of sustainable action
[09:40] Breaking through in a very competitive space
[13:00] Urban transport and sharing economy
[15:00] Career in risk management
[16:00] Advise to anyone wanting to enter the mobility sector
[18:00] Vision of Hiyacar in 10 years
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Hiyacar (https://www.hiyacar.co.uk/)
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