The Easiest Way To Find The Career Of Your Dreams – Side Stepping The Boulder

Have you ever looked back on tough times and in hindsight be able to see how important it was for you to go through it all?

I’m starting to see my entire life this way, as a series of events unfolding at just the right time in just the right way so that I learn exactly what I need to in order to progress further.

With this perspective, I have changed my entire life.

Our writer Eva embarking on her journey as a Digital Nomad

One year ago today I was working in a dive bar for bikers. This place was the type of restaurant that you would walk into and immediately turn around and walk out of. The ceiling fans had two inches of dust on them, the air was consistently a fish bowl of cigarette smoke, their were rats in the kitchen and my manager had it out for me.

I would come home from working long shifts covered in sweat and filth and just think about how I was going to get out of there. At the time I thought it was good money and because of that I felt trapped, as if leaving would be the irresponsible choice.

I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life or what my dream career consisted of but I knew that it wasn’t this.

Then everything changed.

There wasn’t a huge catastrophic event that made my perspective changed. Nobody close to me passed away, I didn’t read anything particularly prolific and I certainly didn’t meet somebody that offered me my dream job and in turn a way out. 

I so simply decided that I wasn’t going to live like this anymore. I use the word simply for a very important reason-because it was simple.

One day in the middle of my shift I walked over to my manager and put my two weeks in. Straight from talking with her I walked over to a customer who had previously offered me another waitressing job and I asked him if it was still available. 

The next day I was hired at the new restaurant and I was officially free. It took me about three minutes of courage and I had changed my entire life and lifestyle. From here-I was hooked. 

I realized that I had just THOUGHT I was stuck when in reality I was actually choosing to be blind to great opportunities. I decided to bring this into my daily life and force my dream career to come to me (even though I had no idea what it was).

Every single day I did something that I loved to do. Some days it was as little as drinking a morning smoothie for breakfast or fitting in a good work out. Other days it meant writing a three page journal entry about my thoughts and emotions.

I read books that caught my attention and I listened to people who were successful talk about their personal upward journey.

I like to look at this phase as the beginning of me pushing the boulder that was standing between who I was and who I wanted to be.

As I kept to my promise and did things that made me happy on a daily basis, I became stronger and more capable of pushing this boulder out of my way. I gained momentum and decided that it made sense for me to start a blog so that maybe I could use what I was learning to help others on the same path. 

I started writing a blog post every day and publishing it for the world to see. I figured out ways to distribute my writing so that more people read it but after a while I grew insanely tired of constantly having to push this boulder in order to get to where I wanted to be.

That’s when it hit me.  

The boulder was only so wide across. I was spending every day thinking that I had to overcome this huge rock that stood in between my Point A and Point B when in reality all I had to do was walk two feet to my right and go around it. 

That’s when the magic started. I was getting constant validation from readers that my blog was resonating with them. I put myself out on a freelance platform and started to get my first paid writing gigs. I started an Instagram platform. A few months later I created The Passion Series Podcast and I began interviewing successful people and asking them the questions about their journey to success that nobody else was. People started reaching out to me for advice and interviews. 

In less than five months I’ve gone to Las Vegas, Colorado, Chicago, Alabama, Miami and Memphis. In one month I’ll leave for Costa Rica to start backpacking the world while simultaneously creating a brand that will help people find what they are passionate about. 

My blog, my Instagram platform, my podcast, my job as a freelance writer and my travel adventures have all stemmed from working in that biker bar and realizing exactly what it was that I DIDN’T want to do with the rest of my life. 

The trick is that most of us see a huge boulder in front of us and we have no idea how to get it out of the way so that we can get to where we want to be. We focus so much on being blocked by this boulder that we forget that we could shift two feet to our left or right and simply side step it.

You can change your circumstances with one action, as I have lived and proven to myself and those who know my story. All it takes is that first step to move around the boulder standing in your way. Your first step is to do something that makes you happy and ignites your interest.

Look into that graduate program, sign up for that freelance website, email somebody you admire and ask for advice, pick up that book, talk to somebody about your goals, whatever it is in this moment that would make you feel proud of yourself. There is a voice in you that is telling you to go for something, and with a little coaxing you will figure out what that something is.

Tough times are here to weld us into the strong person that we’ll need to be to get through our next chapter. Use these tough times to propel you. Look life straight in the face and say I’m not happy and I AM going to do something to change it. Stop letting that boulder hold you back.

Change your perspective and change your life. There are chances and opportunities out there just waiting for you to build up the courage to take them. Who are you going to be in life, somebody who settles for mediocrity or somebody who achieves greatness? Only you can decide.