How to find a career with impact in London

Find out what you are good at
There are countless resources that can help you figure out what your strengths are. The one that has provided the best results from our experience is Strength Finder 2.0, developed by research firm Gallup based on a methodology that analyses 34 themes and gives you individual written advice based on your personality. Unfortunately, you need to buy the full book to receive an access code to the test, but it is worth it! >>Test for your strengths

Check how you can have the biggest impact
The folks at 80.000 hours are spending all their time figuring out which career decisions will be the most impactful to make a big difference in the world. Based on research done at Oxford University they offer often counterintuitive advice that often surprised us when we took their test. Did you know, for example, that it is not a great idea to become a Doctor in Western countries if your goal is to maximise your positive impact? 80.000 hours offers a Career Decision tool that helps you figure out what to do next, whether you are a graduate or you are looking for your second or third job. >>Take the test here

Visit Meetups and Events in the space
London already has a vibrant and active Tech for Good community and you can tap into many resources and events to meet companies and career opportunities in the field. One great meetup is the Tech for Good Meetup London which offers regular events in London and is currently run by the folks at Bethnal Green Ventures (which is a great place to find impact-driven startups). Another great meetup is the Social Enterprise Junction London, who unites social entrepreneurs, many of which might be able to offer you your next job.

Map the people you want to learn from & offer to work for free
One of the best ways to find your next career is to offer to work for free for a while. Why spend weeks and months unsuccessfully searching for jobs if you can use the same time to work for free and prove your value to the people you would like to learn from. Ask yourself: What are the 3-4 companies you would like to work most for and how can you convince them of your talents without them having to take the risk of hiring you immediately? Gary Vaynerchuk has written a great piece on this a while ago.

Think in terms of long-term goals & move there step by step
In most cases, you should not optimize for the highest short-term impact as the results can often be limited and you can quickly get stuck. Sure, you can go help teach children whose parents can’t afford private tutor’s directly after graduating school, which is great! However, you might be able to maximise your impact by thinking how you can have the highest possible impact over the next 20-30 years and then reverse-engineering your next career step. This could mean that you work for a big corporation for a while or learn web design skills at an agency to be able to acquire the skills needed to later create a learning platform which can potentially impact the lives of millions. Again, with these sorts of decisions, you should check the vast amount of advice provided by 80,000 hours who have great insight into this!