How to Become an Mission-Driven Company

Impact and profitability don’t have to be mutually exclusive. There is an increasing number of successful and socially responsible companies such as TOMS Shoes, Tesla, and Dyson.


Research has shown that employees are less motivated by short-term incentives and are more motivated by internal factors such as purpose, yearning to do what we do in the service of something larger than ourselves.


If you’re interested in becoming an impact-driven company and finding mission-driven talent that will stay with you for the long run, consider these important steps and book a free talent consultation with us today.


  1. Know your cause
    • What massive global problems align with your company the most and why? It is important that the cause is meaningful to your employees because supporting something you don’t connect with takes away the passion, fun and success. Articulate this with your team, engage in activities that support your cause, and get your employees involved. Unilever, for example, has positioned itself as a company focussed on advancing environmental sustainability. What is the cause your company cares about?
  2. Evaluate your company values
    • Why did your company choose these certain values to instil into their employees? Do your employees know why? Few people actually know why the work they do creates the foundation behind the cause, purpose, belief and why the organization exists.
      Make sure your company’s values are clear and that your employees understand the mission behind them.
  3. Hire mission-driven employees
    • It can be harder to force people to change mindsets to share your purpose than to hire someone who already believes in it. Spend some time rethinking and restructuring the current hiring process to target individuals who align with the values and mission of your company. Book a free talent consultation with Realchangers and learn how we can help you with recruiting here.
  4. Involve your employees

    • Employees are three times more engaged and productive when they know that their work is making a positive impact. Encourage your employees to be active participants in the company’s mission providing some incentives and making giving back fun. Examples include offering Volunteer Time Off (giving employees a paid day off once a year to provide volunteer services) or holding activities that help employees get hands-on experience. Being socially responsible is an ongoing process so avoid one-time events or annual donations.


If you’re on the path towards aligning your company with a social mission, Realchangers is here to help you find the best candidate. Click here to learn how.

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