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Our Mission - realchangers - Find Meaningful Jobs


Realchangers saw the need for a movement that unites impact-driven companies across the globe with talent that may be hidden or unaware of the opportunities to work with them to create global and sustainable impact. We are working on a new breed of recruitment companies for businesses that put impact over profit. We are developing a technology that speeds up the process, finding the best – and sometimes hidden – talent, faster.


The age of soul-less companies merely driven by shareholder returns & short-term gains is over. We are a movement for a new breed of companies that inspire & stand for much bigger causes than themselves and individual gains. “Doing good” & achieving impact must be inherent and core to what all companies do, and not only be limited or outsourced to NGOs, “social businesses” or CSR Departments.

Impact-driven companies are proven to outperform those that slave themselves to shareholder returns & short-term thinking. We fight for a world in which every company is impact-driven to solve large problems and improve people’s live. Research shows that these companies can actually be 400% more profitable.

Employees always come first. Customers Second. Shareholders third. Happy employees lead to happy customers. Happy customers lead to more profit for shareholders. Always.


Companies find the best talent, aligned to their highest values and mission. 

For people: 80% of employees are not happy at their current job. We are on a mission to create a world where 80% of us have a job with purpose and are happy with it, have found a purpose, and feel fulfilled as a result.

For companies: these employees are 69% more likely to be engaged and loyal to their company, helping deliver on visions and results more effectively.