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Maiko Schaffrath

Co-founder & Head of Product
Email: [email protected]

Maiko is passionate about technology and its role in changing the world. He is a former Team Lead for WWF & Founder of multiple impact-driven startups & NGO’s.
Maiko is the Host of “Impact Hustlers“, a monthly Podcast on the Entrepreneurs who solve the world’s biggest problems.

JP Dallmann

Co-founder & Head of Sales
Email: [email protected]m

JP is the former Chief of Staff for Corporate Advisory at Royal Bank of Scotland & an established Expert on Performance and Leadership. He is a frequent speaker at conferences and universities, including Oxford University & Oxford Brookes University.





Tom Bowles

CTO & Chief AI Scientist

Tom is a Leading Machine Learning & AI expert, the former Chief Scientist of Founder’s Factory and has founded and scaled multiple startups in the AI-space. He is the brain behind our technology and leads our development team.