AtoCap’s team combines world-class academic, clinical and commercialisation expertise and has a strong track of record of successfully translating highly innovative technologies into commercial opportunities that generate substantive income and impact endpoints for stakeholders and investors.

The team initially developed from within University College London’s Encapsulation Research Group and is based on a novel implementation of electro-hydrodynamic processing for the preparation of a wide range of encapsulated structures via a clean, efficient, one step route.



Microencapsulation: AtoCap Technology enables the encapsulation of patient- specific combinations of generic drugs such as antibiotics and chemotherapeutics into a multi-layered capsule.

Our first product ‘CapFuran’ enables time-release killing of patient-derived uropathogenic E. Coli cultures by a well known and frequently used generic antibiotic with and without encapsulation in AtoCap capsules.

Targeted and Penetrative Delivery: The capsules can be delivered by a single, minimally invasive outpatient procedure.

The multi-layered capsule formulation allows for both immediate and sustained release of the drug precisely where it is required.

Flexible and Versatile: The capsules can be adapted to deliver multiple other drug cargos to treat a variety of clinical needs.