The Inkpact team is small but mighty.We’re ambitious and have high standards.Together, we’re transforming the way businesses communicate with clients, influencers, partners and colleagues.Every enquiry is met with a ‘yes mindset’ and our collective focus is on creative solutions and surprises that allow you to get closer to those who matter most to your business.We’re an inquisitive and quirky bunch who feel passionate about quality, personal connection… and champagne.

Whether you’re an e-commerce fashion marketplace or an amazing charity looking to increase donations, a handwritten note can be the difference between not being read and acquiring a super fan.  A handwritten Inkpact can allow you to meaningfully say sorry for something that went wrong, thank your most loyal customers or reply personally to any customer service emails that get sent your way.





Use single campaigns to attract new customers, to launch a new product or for event invitations. Perfect for those one-off mailings. It’s free to sign up, so why not create an account today and try designing your first meaningful campaign?


Have you ever wondered how your customers would feel if you replaced emails and typed letters with thoughtful handwritten notes? If you’d like to make meaningful communication a habit, you can effortlessly send them daily, weekly or monthly with our ‘Automated’ feature.