We want to make sure that being part of this movement is as accessible as possible to as many people as we can. The largest push for change must come from the largest, deep pocketed and influential players in our society, but for systemic change, the push needs to come from all of us. We hope too, that you see in our products the efforts made to make this movement as accessible as possible.The super secret Percent plan for capital-system-rejigging to remove suffering is therefore as follows:
1) Create an ecosystem of people and organisations who want to see this change affected.
2) Create a product to allow this ecosystem to coalesce and synergise towards the common goal.

3) Grow this ecosystem globally.




Percent is our first attempt at creating a product that stimulates systemic change for good. Every time a Percent user spends with a Percent Retailer, this retailer will donate a percent of what they spent to the charity of the user’s choice. People can therefore choose to spend with retailers who have committed to donating to a cause they choose. We are confident that retailers who join our ecosystem will not only have the pleasure of making the world a better place, but will also see more revenue and profit than they did before, driven by our choices as consumers to make change, for good.