Realchangers at CogX

JP Dallmann, co-founder of “realchangers”, expert in performance and leadership, shares his experience at CogX18 and how the event reinforced the fact that millions of jobs will be displaced as a result of tech and AI in the workplace. There are many that will find themselves without a job, and realchangers’ platform is here to help people move into roles that they are passionate about and make an impact in the world.

CogX 2018 brought together more than 7,000 attendees and 300 speakers across 5 main stages, more than doubling the size of the acclaimed inaugural 2017 event.
The event featured an expanded agenda discussing not only The Impact of AI on the Industry, Government and Society, but also the pressing question for executives of How To Get From Lab to Live and at the same time deploy AI responsibly and ethically.

CogX explored how AI Intersects With Emerging Technologies including Blockchain, IoT and 5G telecoms, VR and AR, as well as the future of transportation, health and education.

Charlie Muirhead, CEO & Founder of Cognition X says: “I love starting innovative game changing businesses, and building passionate teams to bring that innovation to market.
CognitionX, is bringing together a community of the worlds leading innovators in AI, machine learning and data science, and the businesses that want to learn how to use them. We are doing this both at physical events such as and, our online Directory of products, services, use cases and more.”

Calum is a thought leader, writer and speaker on artificial intelligence (AI). He was one of the keynote speakers at the opening stage. During this short video he explains his concepts, “Economic & Social” singularities, and the impact it could have on us all, particularly in the way we work and the potential effect of AI.