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Realchangers is excited to be featuring open roles for Social Tech Trust, a company who invests in start-ups which use technology to solve social problems. Social Tech Trust believes in transforming lives through tech by investing, leading, and enabling.


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Social Tech Trust invests in projects focused on tackling social challenges. In the past decade, the fund has invested over £30m and supported over 750 socially motivated tech ventures in the UK. Some of the startups they have helped fund include: Give Vision, life-changing wearable technology that enhances sight for the visually impaired; Code Club, a nationwide volunteer-led network of free after-school coding clubs for children; and Future First, helping pupils from less advantaged backgrounds gain role models from an alumni network.


By leading the conversation about socially transformative technology, Social Tech Trust is sharing their research with the world in hopes of sparking global conversation about how to achieve a future where social transformation is the driving force behind tech. They also have a podcast, Our Lives + Tech, that discusses topics with experts and activists, and shares stories of how people have used tech for good.


Additionally, Social Tech Trust uses their expertise and trusted partners to create a wealth of knowledge and resources in order to cultivate the right conditions for socially motivated tech initiatives to grow and thrive, enabling more lives to be improved by tech.


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